Newborns don't need much- they're pretty much perfect as they are! Most of the session your baby will be nude or in a diaper. If you're undecided on an outfit- bring a few and I can help you decide what will photograph best.

Be sure to bring any special items like a blanket made by Grandma- or booties made by Great Aunt Lynn! Newborn sessions last one to two hours- depending on how often your baby needs to eat or have his/her diaper changed. For the parents….a black long sleeve shirt is preferable since you will be the backdrop for some of the photographs.

The main thing is to avoid big logos and characters on the clothing. Solid colors are best- but really- Children look so cute in just about anything! Make sure to bring a couple of outfits and I can help choose what will photograph best!

Solid colors are best for you too. Avoid logos- they put the focus on what your wearing- and we want the focus on you! I don't have a restriction on how many outfits you bring- but suggest you limit it to 2-3. It's a good idea to bring at least one dressy/casual outfit and one to two casual everyday type outfits. If you're in an extra activity like sports or band- make sure you bring some of your equipment/instruments for some pictures.

Coordinating is the key. You don't have to necessarily match- but make sure you don't clash! Darker colors work best like navy, black, maroon and hunter green. My favorites are the classics…all white or all black shirts with denim- and of course bare feet too! Adults should try to wear ¾ or long sleeves and avoid shorts/skirts. The showing skin puts the focus on it- and not the photograph as a whole.